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Comments, Compliments and Complaints

Please be advised enquiries submitted via this form will be processed following the Comments, Compliments and Complaints policy which can take up to 10 working days to complete, therefore, if the matter requires a more urgent response please telephone us on 01462-474000 or via email:

Please also be advised of alternative reporting methods for matters regarding any of the following:


Issues such as footpath and highway maintenance, street lighting, salting of roads or Traffic Management are the responsibility of the Highways Department at Hertfordshire County Council. You can contact the Highways Department on 0300 123 4047 or by following this link: Hertfordshire Highways

Waste and Recycling

If you are contacting us regarding your waste and recycling service or if your bin has been missed it should be reported within 48 hours for re-collection. Please contact Veolia direct on 0800 328 6023.

Other Services

We have a range of other online services including "Report It" and "Apply for It" options.

These can be found here: Online Services
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